Fiske i Hammerfest

In Hammerfest we have long traditions for fishing, and the ideal fishing opportunities has been the main reason to stay and live her in the Arctic. There are many possibilities to fish in Hammerfest and the surroundings. You can either fish in our numerous lakes, the rivers or in the sea.

Fishing in the sea

Cod, arctic halibut and coalfish is normal catch in the sea around Hammerfest, Sørøya and Seiland. What is beyond normal is the size of it - here in the north the fishes gets huge! World record cods has been catched in this area. No license is needed for fishing in the sea, there are however regulations about how much fish you can take home with you. Several companies are offering accommodation and boat rental for fishing activities, and most of them offers guiding too. Please see the links below to get in touch.



Freshwater fishing

Our municipality offers plenty of lakes and rivers for fishing. All persons living outside Finnmark must have a fishing license. Visiting fishermen between the ages of 16 and 20 fish for free, but must apply for youth cards. Fishing licenses can also be purchased online or from local retailers such as Kleven Jakt og Fiske in Hammerfest (which offers also a wide range of equipment).

Special licenses and disinfection of equipment are required for both Storvannet in Hammerfest and Repparfjordelva on the mainland (salmon & sea trout fishing). These licenses are available at Kleven Jakt og Fiske or at Repparfjord Ungdomsenter near Skaidi where fishing equipment can be disinfected as well.