Hammerfest: Gammelveien Trail

The Gammelveien ("Old road") is a beloved trail around Mount Salen in Hammerfest. It offers gorgeous views of Hammerfest and the Sørøysund, leads through the small birch forest Jansvannskogen and goes past the Sami camp Mikkelgammen.


If you start at the church, you go right around the graveyard, and then halfway you go right again, and immediately left again, see the small map for details. Now you follow the street until you reach the start of the Gammelveien trail. The trail will lead you up until you reach a metal pole with a small cannonball on top, which is indicated on the map. From here you can either continue on the Gammelveien trail around Mount Salen, or you can make a sharp turn left and go further up Mount Salen to the top (the red route on the map). You can hike either route all the way to the Viewpoint (indicated on the map), and from there descend to the town centre using the Zigzag path (indicated on the map).


You can also start from the Zigzag path in the town centre. Go up the path to the Viewpoint (indicated on the map). From here you either go straight ahead over the main road which curves rightward, and then you reach the start of the Gammelveien trail after a few hundred metres on your right hand side.

Distance: 4.5 km

Duration: 1-2 hours.

Options: it is easy to go to the top of Mount Salen (176 metres) from several spots on the Gammelveien.

Start and finish: You can start either at the church in the centre of town, or at the base of the Zigzag path in the centre of town.

Good to know: in the Summer we offer a daily guided tour along the path.

A map of the route (made with norgeskart.no): Gammelveien route The route is indicated in green on the map.

An interactive map of the area (www.norgeskart.no): Map Gammelveien and Mount Salen