Forsøl: Kirkegårdsbukt

Kirkegårdsbukt is a small valley near Forsøl with a long history. For over 2.500 years people have been living here. Archaeological excavations have made it possible for us to see and understand some of the traces left behind by the people living here. A map at the beginning of the valley gives further explanation.

At the other side of the valley is an enclosed sand beach, which is a beloved place for locals to have a barbeque, or to try their luck in the water. Be warned: the sea does not warm up much, even in the Summer! Also good place for the observation of the northern lights.

Distance: 300 metres

Difficulty: easy

Duration: 5 minutes

Start: the parking place near the end of the road Langbuktveien: Location on Google maps

Map of the area on norgeskart.no: Map of Kirkegårdsbukt