Sørøya: Kjøttvikvarden

Sørøya is known as the green island of the North, and this hike will introduce you to her beauty. It leads you from the village of Akkarfjord, reachable by ferry from Hammerfest, to the stone tower known as Kjøttvikvarden, from which you will have an incredible view of the area. The stone tower was built in 1853 by the Norwegian government, and it served as a marker to help sailors find their way. It is the oldest surviving construction in the entire area, Hammerfest included.

From the start in Akkarfjord you follow the main road north and then follow the road up the hill, out of Akkarfjord. After about two kilometers, you go right on a smaller road. After about half a kilometer, this smaller road curves sharply towards the right. Here you leave the road and continue northwards, up the hill. After about half a kilometer, you go more left, in a west-north-west direction, for about a kilometer and a half. After that, you head north again for another two and a half kilometers, in the direction of the stone tower Kjøttvikvarden, which will be visible in the distance.

Length: 9 kilometers

Difficulty: easy

Duration: 3 hours (one way)

Start: in the village of Akkarfjord, where the ferry arrives: Location of the starting point in Akkarfjord on Google maps

Map of the area on norgeskart.no; Map of the Akkarfjord-Kjøttvikvarden area

Description on ut.no: Hike to Kjøttvikvarden

The description is in Norwegian, but in the top right corner of the page is the option - "Velg språk" - to have Google translate the text.


If you have a bicycle you could alternatively cycle first towards Gamvik along the dirt road (ca. 5.5 km) and then walk the marked hiking trail to Kjøttvikvarden (another 3.5 km).

Length: 9 kilometers

Difficulty: easy

Duration: ca. 2 hours (one way, cycling + hiking)


Map of route via Gamvik (blue line = dirt road, red = hiking trail) Download

The people at the Akkarfjord Brygge, the shop and centre directly next to the pier where the ferry arrives, are happy to welcome you and tell you more about the area and hiking possibilities.