Statue of Adolf Henrik Lindstrøm

"He has rendered greater and more valuable service to the Norwegian polar expeditions than any other man." -Roald Amundsen

Visit the statue of our local hero Lindstrøm who was a polar chef. The Friends of Lindstrøm project group has been set up to make people more aware of Adolf Henrik Lindstrøm in Hammerfest, Norway and the world, primarily by putting up a statue of him in the centre of Hammerfest. The statue of Lindstrøm serves to highlight the identity of Hammerfest as an Arctic town.


You can learn more about our local hero by visiting the exhibition of the Polar Bear Society, which displays the arctic history of Hammerfest. To read more about Lindstrøm online, visit www.polarkokken.no.


Lindstrømsplass, Hammerfest