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Ennoblement at the Polar Bear Society

Be a part of history!

Become ennobled as a member of the Polar Bear Society

You will receive a certificate, a polar bear pin and and a membership card, and you will learn about the times, when arctic fishing, hunting and expeditions were what Hammerfest was about. The polar bear is the symbol of will power, endurance and adaptability. We’ll guide you through the exhibition of The Polar Bear Society, and our guide will tell you about the proud history of Arctic Hammerfest.
Did you know, that our polar hero Adolf Henrik Lindstrøm was the first man to sail around the American continent? There are many more interesting things to find out about our town.


Hamnegata 3, 9600 Hammerfest, Norway


Guided tour through the exhibition takes 1 hour, and is arranged daily at 10:45.




Groups with max 30 persons.

Included in the price: Membership and diploma, hand-made polar bear pin, ennobling ceremony and a guided tour through the exhibition at the Polar Bear Society.

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