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Visit a war time cave at Jøfjord

"On the footsteps of my family escaping Hønseby in Autumn 1944."

In Autumn 1944 my family escaped to the mountains, and found shelter in a cave at Jøfjord.
It was a family of nine, mother, father, 5 children and two elderly family members. The youngest one was six years old. My father, 10 years old back then, has often told about those times.
We’ll follow the footsteps of my family and their escape from Hønseby on an Autumn day in 1944. We’ll head towards Jøfjorden, and hear stories about the dramatic evacuation, worries, and most of all the faith and hope the family had.

Our tour takes us to Gammelvær, to the only building that survived the war, and to Jøfjord, where the cave is. We’ll learn about a family, that disobeyed the evacuation orders of the Germans, and we’ll share stories of a scuffle and the destruction of their house. Views towards Seiland national park and Nordmanns glacier will open to us. Over the dramatic and rough landscape we will see Seilandstuvan, 1078 meters above the sea level.


Butikkbygget, Hønseby, 9609 Nordre Seiland, Norway


The tour takes 4-5 hours, the time will be adjusted with the ferry timetables and the participants’ wishes.




Notice: After the boat trip we’ll og ashore at Jøfjord. There is no pier, so we’ll strand on land from the boat. A basic fitness is needed. The walk to the cave takes about 45 minutes.

Included in the price: boat trip, coffee and some lunch. We’ll have a little food package with us, or prepare a simple meal.

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