Gjenreisningsmuseet for Finnmark og Nord-Troms

Guided tour in the Museum of Reconstruction

From the Stone Age to the period of reconstruction

A guided tour in the Museum of Reconstruction will give you an idea, what Finnmark had to face during and after World War II, and how optimism and determination carried the people through the period of reconstruction.

You will get a guided tour in the museum’s exhibition. We’ll go back in time all the way to the Stone Age, to understand the deep roots the population of the area has. Further on we will take a look on the Finnmark’s multicultural mix of people before the war. It is a well known fact, that the population of Finnmark and Northern Troms was forcefully evacuated before the end of the war, and the towns and villages were burned down, but what was the reason for this? We will guide you through the big turns of history, before we focus on the evacuees’ temporary homes in the caves, and the everyday life of the people after the mandatory evacuation. You will be shown a 13 minutes long film by Knut Erik Jensen, and after that take a closer look on the controversial times after the war, and the reconstruction period with its various ordeals.


Kirkegata 19, 9600 Hammerfest, Norway


Mon-Fri 12:00. The tour takes an hour.





Free entry for children and youth under 16 years!
Minimum 4 participants for a guided tour.
Entry without guiding:
Adults: 80 NOK, seniors/students: 50 NOK, children: for free
Payment methods: card / cash / Vipps 600369

Included in the price: Guiding (1 hour) and a film.
Food and drinks are not included, but can be ordered separately.
The tour is accessible for persons with disabilities.

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