Bergans Adventures

Across Sørøya

8-day adventure on the green island

Wide highlands, steep mountains, beaches, rivers and lakes rich in fish, caves, history, birds and wild animals. All this, and some good hiking company is yours on this tour across the fantastic island of Sørøya.

Sørøya, often called «the green island of North», is a jewel not yet found buy mass tourism. Norway’s fourth largest island has a rich flora and fauna, with numerous species of birds, and it’s geology is something of its own. We will also visit war time caves, with fascinating stories from the times of World War II.
Our tour starts from the island’s north side, where Kjøttvikvarden, Fyrvokterveien and Sandfjellet are some of the highligts of the journey. Little by little we’ll wander deeper into the wild, and there we’ll have the chance to try our luck with fishing, or take photos of eagles and reindeer. The journey ends in idyllic Sørvær.
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Hammerfest, Norway


The journey starts July 16th (2020) at 15:45 from Hammerfest centre,
and takes 8 days from July 16th to 23rd (2020).





We will walk with hiking gears on a varying terrain, with tents, sleeping bags and cooking equipment. We assume that you are in good shape, and used to carrying a rucksack. Top condition is not necessary.

Included in the price:
Experienced and certified guides.
Borrowing tents and shared equipment (stove etc.). Speedboat transport from Hammerfest to Akkarfjord.
All the meals from dinner on Thursday to lunch on Thursday (3 meals per day).
Staying overnight in a cabin Sandøybotn.
Shower in Sørvær.
Transport from Sørvær to Hasvik.

Not included in the price:
Transport to Hammerfest and transport from Hasvik.
Personal equipment (see the list on the website of Bergans Adventures).
Snacks between meals.
Fishing license, if you plan to fish.

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