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St. Vinna, a historic hike

Take a trip to St. Vinna and its history!

Since early 19th century people have been living here. Located by good fishing areas, Vinna was a good and strategically important place to live. By the early 20th century it was the “centre” of Sørøysundet. Fishing brought hundreds of inhabitants to Vinna, and there was a fishing harbour, a shop, a school with a dormitory and a post office with bank services. In Autumn 1944 all the buildings were burned, but people wanted to coe back, and during the newt 10 years, life was busy and construction active. Unfortunately centralizing politics took this place down as well.

The trips starts at Hønseby, we’ll be taken by boat to Vinna. Boats and the sea were the most important travelling method back in time, E6 of the past. If you lived by the sea, near to fishing possibilities and owned a little piece of land, you lived in the centre. The trip to Store Vinnaan takes about 15 minutes. We will strand, see the ruins, and between the mountains sense the determination and activity of the past. We can see, feel and experience the history, while we stroll in the middle of the ruins and the overgrown paths. If the weather allows, we can also try some fishing.


Butikkbygget, Hønseby, 9609 Nordre Seiland, Norway


2-3 hours




Please note that we will strand on a breakwater, not on a pier.

Included in the price: boat trip and a guide. Tea/coffee will be served. Take some snacks with you, we can also prepare something to eat during the trip. If needed, we can set up a tent or a lávvu.

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