Sørøya: Tarhalsen

Explore the spectacular roaming trail that runs along the edge of the Barents Sea to the old lighthouse at Tarhalsen -  a true highlight for hikers. The route starts in Akkarfjord. Once there, take the dirt road towards Gamvik for about 3km. Then take a right turn to a marked trail towards "Fyrvokterveien". From there you continue the marked trail northwards. There is also a cabin available for public use with a wood-burning oven and three bunk beds, Tarhalshytta.

Length: ca 11 kilometres

Difficulty: medium (last 500m difficult, otherwise easy)

Duration: ca 4 hours (one way)

Start: in the village of Akkarfjord, where the ferry arrives: Location of the starting point in Akkarfjord on Google maps

Map of the area on norgeskart.no: Map of the Kjøttvikvarden-Tarhalsen area

If you have a bicycle you could alternatively cycle first all the way towards Gamvik along the dirt road (ca. 5.5 km) and then walk the marked hiking trail to Tarhalsen (another 5.5 km).

Length: 11 kilometers

Difficulty: medium

Duration: ca. 2 hours (one way, cycling + hiking)


Map of route via Gamvik (blue line = dirt road, red = hiking trail) Download