Photo: Ziggy Wantuch

Photo: Ziggy Wantuch


Zigzag path til Mount Salen

The Zigzag path in Hammerfest leads to the viewpoint on Mount Salen. From there one has a panoramic view of Hammerfest and the surrounding area. The path is quite steep as it climbs from sea level to about 80 metres, but short. There is a railing installed to provide extra support if needed. From the viewpoint it is easy to explore the rest of Mount Salen and to hike towards the top of Mount Salen, which takes another 20 minutes from the viewpoint.

Distance: 500 metres

Difficulty: easy

Duration: 15 minutes

Start: on the road Salsgata, near the blue pavillion in the town centre: Location on Google maps

Map of the area on; Map of the Zigzag path and the viewpoint on Mount Salen area